ARTC Wins Harley Davidson’s Accreditation as 1st Taiwan Testing Labs2018/05/08

Wins Harley Davidson’s Accreditation as 1st Taiwan Testing Labs
H-D’s Taiwanese supply-chain partners accelerate product development and certification

Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) of Taiwan, the most important transportation-vehicle testing and R&D institute on the island, recently brought a good news to motorcycle parts and accessory suppliers in Taiwan hoping to tap into a leading American motorcycle vendor’s global supply chain: the center has become the first Taiwanese testing labs approved by Harley-Davidson, Inc. (H-D) of the U.S.

In the future, the automotive center points out, parts and accessories suppliers in Taiwan are expected to greatly cut their costs and shorten the product-development period by sending their new products to be tested at ARTC’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Laboratory and Environmental Testing Laboratory in Changhua, center of Taiwan, before they commence mass production and delivery to H-D. The top American motorcycle has commissioned the two labs to test full-range parts and accessories, making ARTC the only approved testing labs on the island authorized by H-D.

Welcoming H-D’s recent decision for choosing a qualified overseas testing partner, ARTC claims that it is happy to provide assistances to H-D’s Taiwanese suppliers for jumping onto the direct train bounded for the leading American motorcycle vendor’s supply chain, through the easier, faster, and more cost-efficient way.

H-D’s Only Approved Testing Lab in Taiwan
For H-D, an iconic brand founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903, which has long been pursuing riding safety and fun, the quality, reliability and safety are without doubt top priorities. To assure these priorities achieved before a new H-D model’s launch, ARTC points out, all parts, components and accessories used to be fully tested and verified by H-D in the U.S.. So, parts suppliers to H-D were required to send their products after a long way to the U.S. at higher costs.

After intensive communications and technical exchanges for around 15 months, ARTC’s established strength and ability have successfully won H-D’s trust and accreditation for on-site providing a total of 58 testing services covering four major fields, including environmental, mechanical, electrical property and EMC, at ARTC’s EMC Testing Laboratory and Environmental Testing Laboratory. The center stresses that it has constructed complete testing, confirmation, and technical assessment capability required by H-D for parts and accessories.

Persistence in Upgrading Testing Capability
Joe Huang, president of ARTC, points out that his center has been persisting in upgrading its testing capability for transportation-vehicle industry since establishment; especially constantly and intensively pouring resources into both hardware and software upgrading at its EMC Testing Laboratory, which has won approvals and highest confirmations from international automakers, such as GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Jaguar, Land Rover etc.

“Winning approval from iconic H-D for conducting a total of 58 testing works at ARTC is without doubt a pleasant extra-point for our continued efforts in constituting world-class testing capability in Taiwan,” Huang claims, “and we look forward to providing services to more players in Asia-Pacific region who are targeting at international vehicle manufacturers’ supply chains.”

In addition to the latest accreditation from H-D, ARTC has already been a reputed testing service provider with approvals, or cross-licensing from domestic Ministry of Transportation and Communications, TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD of Germany, IDIADA of Spain etc., making the center one of the most important testing centers for assembled-vehicle and parts makers in the region.


Comprehensive-range Testing Capacity

With over 26 years of accumulated experience and know-how in related fields, ARTC’s testing ability now covers a complete range of services: from troubleshooting, strategy formulation and design improvements, to performance verification. Currently, the center operates 12 in-house laboratories and one technical center, including EMC, crash, NVH, emission and fuel economy, durability, reliability, lighting, vehicle performance testing labs, and a CAE center. ARTC also carries out a wide range of capabilities for electric vehicles (EV) and key system/parts testing, such as performance, battery pack, vehicle safety, wading, crash, environmental reliability, electromagnetic interference, and others.


World-class Competitiveness in Motorcycle Parts

Regarded by many industry experts as its world’s No. 1 competitiveness, Taiwan has been playing a vital role in the international PTW, or powersports, industry for quite some time, thanks to local assembled-PTW and parts manufacturers' strong advantages including high production flexibility, superior product quality, strong development capability, and globally- reputable, well-established and comprehensive supply chains.

From many key parts and accessories on all makes and models, including even top-end Harley Davison, Ducati, Bimolta etc.; big-bore powertrains on even BMWs; to best-quality assembled PTWs as all as ATVs, UTVs, buggies etc., Taiwan is now a major exporter of all kinds of related products to Japan, Europe and the U.S. markets.

About ARTC

The Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) was established in 1990 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Environmental Protection Administration and representatives of the enterprises based on the Automotive Industry Development Policy, which was approved by the Executive Yuan on March 15, 1985. The center’s objective is to be committed to the R&D of related technology, the improvement of product quality and internationally recognized testing and certification services, as well as assisting the government in stipulating and managing regulations and standards.

ARTC Environmental Testing Laboratory
Environmental Testing Laboratory was established in 1996, the intention of the lab. is to provide the testing service of reliability, safety, and durability under deferent environmental condition for industries. The services include electrical, mechanical, climatic and chemical related fields, can also be suitable for the product of electronics, aerospace, etc.

ARTC EMC Testing Laboratory
ARTC's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Laboratory was founded in 2003 and was recognized by A2LA program and OEMs such as GM, Ford and Chrysler. Along with the completion of whole vehicle anechoic chamber in the end of 2012, our technical service has been expanded to ICE (internal combustion engine) & electric bus and cars tests. ARTC EMC testing lab has become the leading automotive EMC service provider in Asia.