Technology Transfer

Intelligent Information Integration for Head-Up Display
  • Year:2012
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Head lamp lighting technology
  • Technique Features:

    Intelligent Information Integration for Head-Up Display combines Multiple-Image Coordinate Conversion Technology, Large Virtual Image Display Technology and Optical Thin Film Technology which reflects the images from vehicle information system on the coating film fixated on windshield and superposes the images on the scenery of road. The system can not only reduce parallax and eyestrain but also offer better visual comfort. With more safety information and greater integration, the advanced vehicle display system is both safer and more efficient.

  • Specification:

    Display brightness : above 250 nit (night time) Distortion: under 4% Uniform illumination of image: above 70% Virtual image size: about 10 inches Film transmittance: above or equal to 75% Virtual image distance :2m Embedded hardware:DSP based; Operating frequency 600MHz Processing rate:above 15 frame/s Vehicle speed above 60 km/h,Curve radius above 250 m Detect lane width: 3m to 4m Detected distance range: 5m to 50m

  • Applications:

    Vehicular Display,Head-Mounted Display

  • Benefit:

    We can assist vehicular display industry to establish optical design capabilities and new product development to expand the vehicular display market.

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