Technology Transfer

Electric Power Steering (EPS) system development
  • Year:2008
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Chassis steering technology
  • Technique Features:

    The evaluation methods of electric power steering system performance have been established. Co-simulation technique has been used to develop EPS control logics. Moreover, a test bench with active road load feedback has been designed and finished. The EPS mechanism and the rapid prototype controller can be set up on the bench to tune and to validate EPS control logics.

  • Specification:

    1. Rack force: ≥ 9 kN
    2. Reduction gear: Worm and worm gear
    3. Motor: 12V, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • Applications:

    The EPS technology can be applied to not only automobiles but other vehicles which need power steering assistance as well. In the future, EPS systems can be integrated with other sensors to realize active safety control.


  • Benefit:

    The established technologies can help domestic car or component manufacturers develop EPS systems and enhance R & D capabilities of electronically controlled chassis subsystems.

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