Technology Transfer

Visual SLAM Technology of Autonomous Vehicle
  • Year:2020
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Imaged assist technology
  • Technique Features:

    Mounting monocular camera or stereo camera on vehicle detecting the environment and mapping. While matching the features in images, the dynamic object filtered technology and DLT(Dynamic Location Transformation) technology are used to improve the accuracy and get better result of real-time localization.

  • Specification:

    1.Speed of vehicle ≦ 30 kph
    2.Accuracy of localization ≦  1m
    3.Output frequency  ≧  10 Hz
    4.Interface:Ethernet、CAN Bus、USB
    5.Image resolution:1080×720 pixel

  • Applications:

    Autonomous vehicle system, Simultaneous localization and mapping system.

  • Benefit:

    Output the coordinates which is calculate by visual SLAM system for vehicle controls.

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