Technology Transfer

The technique of an active safety controller
  • Year:2018
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Electric vehicle key technology
  • Technique Features:

    An active safety controller is mainly designed along with active safety systems such as a lane following system, an active cruise control system, an automatic emergency braking system, and so on. The active safety controller has been qualified both the ISO 16750 and the ISO 11452, including various environmental testing as well as electromagnetic standard interference testing. Besides, the FMEDA (failure mode, impact and diagnostic analysis) and a diagnostic analysis design are constructed for the active safety controller to not only protect and diagnosis the processing of hardware of the controller but also to avoid executing control commands from software of the controller on inappropriate timing to cause the vehicle malfunction.

  • Specification:

    Qualified the ISO16750 and the ISO11452

  • Applications:

    Intelligent Vehicle Safety System

  • Benefit:

    The active safety controller will be a trend in the future as the requirement from drivers in front safety. By the developed technology of the active safety systems, it helps the domestic automotive industry level up to high-market-value active safety field, and the market benefit will be increased.

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