Technology Transfer

Electronic Power Steering System Simulation and Verification Platform
  • Year:2018
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Chassis steering technology
  • Technique Features:

    ARTC establishes a platform for the simulation and verification of Electronic Power Steering(EPS) development. It consists of related hardware such as a steering column, rack and gear sets, an electric motor, torque and angle sensor, Electronic Control Unit(ECU) and software CarSim with a solid I/O interface. A hardware platform which is capable of real-time simulation is thus completed. It delivers the information, for example, the resistant torque acting on the steering system to the platform by the electric motor to imitate the instant road resistance acting on the steering system. The hardware platform provides the simulating and tuning functions for quick verification of systems and is beneficial for developing the Active Steering System and the Human-Machine interactive mechanism on Advanced Driving Assistance System(ADAS) and Automated Driving System(ADS).

  • Specification:

    1. Vehicle Dynamic Model : Carsim
    2. Real-time Simulation Hardware platform

  • Applications:

    Electronic Power Steering System(EPS), Active Steering System Validation

  • Benefit:

    Many national companies work on the development of EPS and Active Steering System. However, most of them lack of a completed system verification environment. With the system mentioned can effectively reduce the time cost and the processing risks while validating.

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