Technology Transfer

Active Cruise Control system
  • Year:2017
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Imaged assist technology
  • Technique Features:

    Active cruise control (ACC) with 77G millimeter wave radar and power control interface (controllable acceleration and deceleration: 0.3g) is developed by integrating the ACC strategies and algorithm. When the ACC system is started by driver, the radar in the system can detect the distance between the leading vehicle and host vehicle and the acceleration of the host vehicle can be calculated and controlled using ACC algorithm and the relative distance and speed between the leading vehicle and host vehicle can be maintained such that the burden of driver can be reduced.

  • Specification:

    System speed: 40 ~ 120kph
    Three sections of Time Gap can be set
    Speed stability error 1kph

  • Applications:

    Intelligent Vehicle Safety System

  • Benefit:

    Vehicle active safety technology will be a trend in the future as the requirement from drivers in front safety. By the development of vehicle collision-avoidance technology, it will help the domestic automotive industry level up to high-market-value active safety field, and the market benefit will be increased.

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