Technology Transfer

The Simulation Technology of Combustion Behaviors in Engine
  • Year:2016
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Testing and verification
  • Technique Features:

    In the early stages of engine design and performance evaluation, using the CAE analysis technique to improve. The engine models were used for the analysis of different oil or biofuels, including heat transfer, flow field, mass change and combustion behavior using different proportions of biodiesel in the engine, to analysis of cylinder pressure, combustion heat release rate, NOx emission and different compression and expansion process of the cylinder angle.

  • Specification:

    Oil properties and material properties.
    Injection behavior.
    Clearance volume.
    Crankshaft radius and angle.

  • Applications:

    This technology can be applied to vehicle engine analysis.

  • Benefit:

    This technology to help the makers to analyze products, such as combustion behavior, engine performance, and emission pollution, which can contributes to the development of engine technology in the future.

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