Technology Transfer

Estimation PM Load and Parameter Identification of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System
  • Year:2016
  • Project:DOIT Program
  • Category:Testing and verification
  • Technique Features:

    This technique is mainly used to estimate the PM load in the DPF. We can use that to estimate the regeneration timing which can avoid the DPF damaged with the excessive regeneration temperature (PM overloading) and excessive regeneration (PM load less).
    The feature of DPF PM Load Dynamic Model:  
      1.The Parameter Identification includes the PM reaction and DPF Permeability. 
      2.The Experimental verifications include PM mass accumulated、DPF differential pressure and 
         DPF temperature. From the Experimental verifications we can notice that the error is less than
         10 percent.

  • Specification:

    1.Adaptable Engine Exhaust gas : 2Liter ~ 13Liter.
    2.DPF Type : Wall Flow(Cordierite、SiC) .
    3.Temperature input : analog,digital、CANbus SAE J1939 Range:0~800℃.
    4.DPF differential pressure input : analog,digital、CANbus SAE J1939 Range:0~100kPa.
    5.Identification Parameters : PM reaction、DPF Permeability.
    6.Analytical item : PM Load、DPF delta pressure and DPF temperature.

  • Applications:

    DPF System of Diesel Engine、DPF System of Diesel Generator、The Estimation blocking of wall-flow monolith.

  • Benefit:

    Enhancing the related manufacturers or industry to develop Diesel Particulate Filter and improve products quality.

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