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Stimulus-based steering sensor device and method for the same
  • Category:Chassis steering technology
  • Secondary Category:Steering system
  • Number:102 012 109 119
  • Year:2018
  • Applied Country:DE
  • Abstract:

    The invention discloses an excitation steering sensing device and a sensing method thereof, which interact with at least an active wheel on a steering column of a steering wheel. The steering sensing device further comprises a processor that generates an excitation signal and is preloaded with a signal angle look-up table. The active wheel mates two passive wheels and drives the two passive wheels to rotate at different speeds while rotating in accordance with the steering wheel and the steering column. The processor is connected with two resolvers. Each resolver is respectively combined with each passive wheel. The two resolvers receive the excitation signal and output two first sinusoidal signals to the processor for analysis according to the rotational speeds of the passive wheels, thereby obtaining two second sinusoidal signals having different periods. Accordingly, an absolute angle value of steering the steering wheel is obtained through the signal angle look-up table to achieve the function of sensing multi-turn absolute angles.

  • Type:invention patent
  • Expiration:2018/08/02 ~ 2032/09/26

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