Licensable Patent

Autonomous driver assistance system and autonomous driving method thereof
  • Category:Intelligence and safety
  • Secondary Category:autonomous vehicle technology
  • Number:CN104554259B
  • Year:2018
  • Applied Country:CN
  • Abstract:

    An autonomous driver assistance system is integrated with a vehicular control system to constantly detect ambient road environment of the vehicle, identify a vehicle ahead with same driving route to a destination, and follow the vehicle ahead by autonomous driving to the destination. Signals of direction indicators of the vehicle ahead can be recognized to determine a driving direction and driving state of the vehicle ahead beforehand, thereby reducing the chances of emergency brake and collision and increasing driving efficiency. Without expensive radar detection equipment, the present invention can be easily integrated with a vehicular control system to tackle the high installation cost and integration difficulty of conventional autonomous driver assistance apparatuses.

  • Type:invention patent
  • Expiration:2018/03/30 ~ 2033/10/20

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