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Active vehicle with a variable inclination apparatus and method of using the same
  • Category:Intelligence and safety
  • Secondary Category:others technology
  • Number:I600575
  • Year:2018
  • Applied Country:TW
  • Abstract:

    An active vehicle with variable inclination mechanism is provided. The active vehicle with variable inclination mechanism comprises a linear slide mechanism, two sets of longitudinal interlocking mechanism, a steering control mechanism, and a control unit. The linear slide mechanism comprises a reciprocating action member. A lateral displacement of the reciprocating action member drives the longitudinal interlocking mechanism to produce a displacement along a longitudinal direction while a torque is applied at the steering control mechanism. The wheels are driven to move along an opposite longitudinal direction and to form an inclination. Using the active vehicle with variable inclination mechanism can provide a real-time inclination force while rounding a corner as well as increase the safety. Besides, the driver can easily get on/off the vehicle when the vehicle is stationary and the reciprocating action member is locked at the stationary position of the vehicle.

  • Type:invention patent
  • Expiration:2017/10/01 ~ 2033/10/29

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