Blind-spot Detection System, BDS


The system is adopted to detect the status of approaching objects (including all types of vehicle and pedestrians) in the both blind area of left and right sides by active image recognition processes of machine vision. As the object with defined characteristics in blind area is detected, the system has issued the pre-warning (lighting) or warning (beep and lighting) messages to a driver actively.


▪ Image-based object recognition
▪ Approaching object detection
▪ Signal integration of vehicle
▪ Door opening qarning function
▪ Imbedded DSP platform


▪ Detection range:behind outer mirror 8m and a side 3m.
▪ Minimal object size:all types of vehicle and pedestrians
▪ Warning mode:
  1.LED lighting without turn signal enabling
  2.LED lighting and beep voice with turn signal enabling

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