Driver Status Monitoring system, DSM


Driver status monitor system utilizes image processing techniques and inertial signals to detect drunk driving, driver distraction, and driver fatigue. The facial features of drivers, eye blink and head swing, are extracted to determine the fatigue and distraction. Integrating breath alcohol concentration calculator and face recognition technique, the system provides elegant mechanism to avoid drunk driving. From inertial data and vehicular information, the system also provided a warning detection algorithm with learning parameters to do remote warning under s-cure or lane change motion. Image processing functions are implemented in a single DSP, and vehicular data processing is demonstrated via micontroller. Wireless transmission techniques can also be integrated to improve the performance of commercial vehicle team management.


▪ Face detection, facial feature extraction and face recognition
▪ Imbedded DSP platform
▪ The integration of wireless transmission, CAN network, and breathe alcohol concentration calculator


▪ Detection range:the field of driver vision is around ±60 degrees
▪ Warning condition:
   1.Reckless driving:not within normal eyeshot
   2.Driver fatigue:high eye blinking rate
▪ Warning mode:LED lighting and buzzer sound

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