Electronic Control Relay Valve for Air Brake System


The object of the present invention is to provide the simplest design method (plus external control). It uses direct control (electric drive) instead of conventional indirect control (through diaphragm action), and have a reset method, even in the electronic control part of any problems, does not affect the conventional function of the relay valve.
It is suitable for large vehicles (such as: M3, N2, N3, mostly in more than 10 tons of vehicles), it only need to directly replace, and the relevant electrical signal can be lap, to achieve a simple suit for the traditional pressure brake system, the best solution for electrochemical control.


▪ Multi brake control mode
▪ Dress up easy and High homogeneity 
▪ Failure return device 


▪ Input voltage:24V
▪ Operating temperature:-40 ~ 125 ℃
▪ Pneumatic system:The mechanism can be used in 12kg/cm^2 system
▪ Module output:up to 6 kgf
▪ Analog control signal input:0 ~ 5V
▪ Drive communication interface:CAN BUS

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