Object Detecting System, ODS


This system uses a 3D around-view LiDAR to scan the surrounding object’s surface. In order to provide object size and relative position, we construct 3D space machine perception with diverse point cloud analyzing algorithms including filtering, transformation and grouping. In addition, the objects are categorized using the their point cloud 3D distribution characteristics. This enriched object information enables advanced control and localization algorithm implementation.Technology

▪ Point cloud clustering object position and size detection
▪ Point cloud analysis simple object catagorization
▪ Multi-threaded realtime processing structure
▪ Non-ROI object filter 


▪ Horizontal FOV:360゚
▪ Vertical FOV:±15゚
▪ Maximal detection range:100 m;Object with ordinary reflectivity can be detected at 50m
▪ Object detection:Human, Vehicle, Cycle 

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