Steering Torque and Angle Sensor, STAS


ARTC's Steering Torque and Angle Sensor is based on a set of gears to covert the torsion bar angle and the rotary shaft angle simply and reliably. The end gears of the gear sets have two-pole magnets and rotate over the center of the Hall effect chips. Therefore, the converted angles are transformed to electrical signals contactlessly. The sensor is designed for electric power steering systems and ADAS to provide critical steering torque and steering angle information.


▪ Reduction gear mechanism design
▪ Embedded hardware design
▪ Signal processing technique
▪ Signal mapping algorithm 


▪ Torque angle ≥ ±8°, resolution ≤ 0.02°
▪ Steering angle ≥ ± 900, resolution ≤ 0.5°
▪ Operating voltage:5V
▪ Output signal:PWM, Dual outputs
▪ Operating temperature range:-40~125℃ 

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