Stimulus-based Steering Angle Sensor, SAS


The stimulus-based steering angle sensor is based on the principles of electromagnetic induction. It also combines the reduction gear mechanism and the embedded system to achieve the multi-turn absolute angle output. It accomplishes non-contact sensing without magnets, and has built-in diagnostics function. As a result, it has the advantages of high reliability, high stability and high weatherability. Furthermore, the absolute angle information is transmitted through CAN (Controller Area Network) message which can be shared with different systems on the bus.


▪ Reduction gear mechanism design
▪ Embedded hardware design
▪ Signal processing technique
▪ Signal mapping algorithm
▪ Signals diagnostics


▪ Detecting range : ±660°
▪ Operation temperature : -40~125℃
▪ Resolution : 0.1°
▪ Signal output interface : CAN BUS

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