Micro-structure light-guide for vehicle lamp


With the unique feature of offering uniform luminous distribution, Micro-structured Light-guide for Vehicle Lamp is a type of light guide module to make the wanted pattern of lighting more recognizable. This advanced design complies fully with the requirement of the ECE-R87 (DRL). From the aspect of technology, by controlling the direction of lighting, the light-guide structure module can make the light from light source distributed uniformly. In order to offer the flexibility of lamp design ,by way of modularization, various light-guide modules can be arranged and assembled to form any intended luminous pattern.


▪ Modular guiding light structure design
▪ Micro-structure design of multi-optical path
▪ Vehicle lamp optical design and simulation analysis


▪ Light source:LED;Wattage:0.1W~7W
▪ Uniform of visual:uniformity is 80% or above
▪ Center luminous intensity:above 400cd(for DRL)
▪ Material:PMMA
▪ Application:DRL、position lamp、rear fog lamp、reversing lamp、direction indicators、rear lamp、indoor reading lamp and traffic signs

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