Intelligent Eco-Driving Assistance System, IEDAS


The IEDAS system uses image processing technique to recognize the forward road environment in time and actively provides guide & accelerator control to driver by eco-driving mode logic design. It actively control accelerator, and avoid accident. The IEDAS system resolves question about poor fuel economy which the current Eco-Driving assistance systems only display real-time fuel consumption & status of accelerator because it lack real-time traffic status information. The IEDAS system efficiently reduces 20.4% waste of fuel by Advisor2002 software simulating and full vehicle fuel economy testing. The IEDAS system can be equipped in varieties of vehicle and it can integrate with Intelligent Screen Display, DVR or Adaptive Cruise Control to raise product value.


▪ Vehicle Detection and Traffic Signals Recognition algorithm
▪ Eco-Driving Mode Logic Design
▪ Embedded Hardware Design and Active Accelerator control logic design


▪ Operation Environment:above 0.1 lux
▪ Detection distance from 3 to 100 m
▪ Object Recognition:All kinds of vehicle, traffic signals
▪ Guide mode:Intelligent Screen Display

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