Integrated Torque Sensor, ITS


A torque sensor is a device for measuring and recording the torque applied by a user on a rotating shaft. Traditionally, the twist angle measurement and the shaft are separate components. It is possible that clearance of assembly will affect the accuracy of the torque signals. For preventing this problem, the ITS integrates input shaft, torsion member, position sensor, and out shaft into one part. Because of the combination of these components, there is no clearance during operation. Besides, the torsion beam can magnify the signals; consequently, the amplifier is not requried, which can simplify the circuit design.


▪ Mechanism and measurement integartion design and analysis
▪ Measurement circuit design
▪ Steering system integration engineering


▪ Torsion stiffness:2 ~ 2.5 Nm/deg
▪ Output voltage:0 ~ 5 V
▪ Torque measurement:± 10 Nm

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