Moving Object Detection & Auto Calibration of Around View Monitor system, MOD&AVM


Moving Object Detection & Auto Calibration of Around View Monitor system(MOD&AVM) uses three fish-eye cameras which mounted on front, left and right sides of a truck to automatically get the surrounding semi top-view scenario images. This system can detect obstacles including all types of vehicle、pedestrians and dangerous objects around the vehicle by active image recognition processes of machine vision. MOD&AVM show the relative distance from the obstacle to the vehicle and gives a warning signal when obstacle is too close. The system is helpful for a driver in the narrow alley、urban street and parking situations. There is more comprehensive environmental information around the vehicle to safe driving.


▪ Algorithm of camera distortion calibration
▪ Algorithm of viewpoint transformation
▪ Algorithm of image stitching
▪ Algorithm of feature points searches and correspondence
▪ Algorithm of moving obstacles detection
▪ Embedded platform (DSP based)


▪ Detection range : 3m extension from vehicle
▪ Object relative speed:>0.5 m/s, < 7.5 m/s

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