Dual-band Antenna Keyless System, DAKS


The keyless is convenient but without protection when losing. Users have to reset the password when the key needs to be changed. DAKS integrates the fingerprint recognition module into the keyless system. It can protect the key and integrate the rear mirror and the ECU of seat control to adjust automatically by different fingerprint. As well as, the antenna is utilized dual-band antenna design.


▪ Integration of fingerprint recognition & smart card
▪ Dual-band radio frequency transmission & en-/decryption
▪ Radio frequency dual-band antenna design for keyless door control
▪ Rear mirror & view mirror & seat control with preference setting
▪ Air conditioner & audio system control with preference setting


▪ Fingerprint sensor:capacitive
▪ RF transmitter:433MHz/125KHz
▪ 5 sets of rear-mirror adjusted
▪ 5 sets of seat adjusted

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