Cable puller type Electric Parking Brake, CEPB


The CEPB system consists of a control unit and an actuator powered by an electric motor. Instead of pushing a pedal or yanking on a handle to set the parking brake, the CEPB system enables the driver to apply or to release the parking brake by touching a button, or it can work automatically. The CEPB system also can support multiple intelligent functions by being integrated with some sensors of the vehicle, such as automatically activated when the ignition key is removed, automatically released when the car is started up or crawls without rolling backward on a hill, etc. This design has the advantages of simple components and low cost compared with other products on the market. The more competitive CEPB will be carried out via cooperating with the carmaker and tier-1 supplier and have the opportunity to join global supply chains.


▪ Mechanism design and analysis.
▪ Controller and driver circuit design.
▪ Motor control
▪ System integration engineering


▪ 150 kgf Actuator force >150 kgf
▪ Current limit:25A
▪ Apply time < 1.6 s
▪ Release time < 1.2 s

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