LED lamp design


Optical design simulation can curtail the processes for lamp development. Nowadays the source of vehicle obtains halogen, HID and LED, the lighting function change the ways of lamp reflector. Therefore the lamp optical design simulation is more important than before. The simulation can solve the problem from the lamp reflector change. AODC can design high efficiency optical system inclunding traditional lamp, LED headlamp, LED Package Structure Design, LED street lamp, LED fiber lighting and other design. We also provide production analysis, technical guidance, test and verification in those system.


  • Traditional headlamp optical design for mass production

    ▪ Production analysis
    ▪ Optical design and simulation
    ▪ Test and verification

  • LED lamp design for technical guidance

    ▪ Optical design and simulation analysis
    ▪ Education (regulation, optical theorem, and guidance)
    ▪ Test and verification


  • Software

    ▪ ASAP(Analysis)
    ▪ LUCID SHAPE(Analysis&Design)
    ▪ RHINO(Design)

  • Hardware

    ▪ optical measurement and verification (Luminous Flux Measuring Test, Dimensional Measuring, and Luminance Test)
    ▪ Vehicle lamp:complying with ECER 112 European regulation and FMVSS 108 U.S. regulation
    ▪ Uniform illumination:uniformity of illumination is 0.35 or above

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