OBD Signal Retrieving and Analyzing System


When OBD detects the malfunction of pollution controlled device, it can instantly remind the driver to repair the vehicle and help reduce environmental pollution. Furthermore, OBD can real-timely detect more than 80 items of driving status including the vehicle speed, engine rpm, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, etc. The system cost is low because sensors are not required. Moreover, it can instantly retrieve driving status and malfunction messages via OBD connector. Therefore, this system can provide further valuable application of fleet management. Nowadays, the authorities of EU, US, and Japan had announced that vehicles should conform to the OBD standard. Also, all imported and new vehicles in Taiwan should be equipped with OBD-II from January 1st 2008.


▪ OBD to RS232 adaptor design
▪ The technology of OBD signals retrieving and analyzing


▪ Protocols supported:CAN/ISO 9141-2/KWP/VPW/PWM/SAE J1939
▪ Output interface:RS232
▪ Hardware dimension:55mm×100mm
▪ OS:Windows XP
▪ Gather vehicle speed, rpm, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, engine load… etc.
▪ Other function:Gather error code or erase

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