Monitoring & Service Platform of Electric Vehicle, MSPEV


Our system provides a full set of fleet management for electric vehicles, it can be used for multi-fleets, and each fleet can be divided into groups by their own purpose. Besides locating vehicles on map, showing their real-time status, it can also explore the functions of subsystems including energy modules, cells, and powertrain in electric vehicles by showing the up to date data or even trend chart. When an error occurs, the system will come with warning and maintenance suggestion, the control center may send short messages to the driver through our system, abnormal reports can be provided and system datas are available to download for the advanced engineering analysis. The system is built as a web application using ASP.NET technology, so with network connection and a browser application, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


▪ Real-time transmission
▪ Integration of Google Map
▪ Remote on-line diagnosis and maintenance suggestions
▪ Real-time monitoring energy modules, cells, and powertrain


▪ Runtime environment: .NET Framework 4.0
▪ Format : HTTP protocol
▪ Content:Fleet real-time monitoring with full management
▪ Device : Compatible for device with web browser(IE, Google Chrome…)

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