EV Vehicle Network CAN BUS System


The vehicle network with CAN 2.0 standards develops communication network through the simulation, system establishment and testing . Each system of i-EV can be controlled, diagnosed and integrated by CAN BUS. The system can display some messages on central console by DSP module which catches the information from vehicle network. It also can alarm driver with red letters and show diagnostic trouble code (DTC) to check the problem by analyzing the messages from CAN BUS.


▪ Vehicle Network Simulation
▪ CAN Network Design
▪ Diagnostic Vehicle Network Design
▪ CAN Communication Testing
▪ Embedded Hardware Design


▪ Communication spec.:CAN 2.0A, 500Kbps, ISO 11898
▪ Diagnostic interface spec:ISO 14229-1, SAE J2012
▪ Node hardware:Microchip, Freescale, TI DSP
▪ Communication testing spec.:Testing items on physical layer, data link layer, network layer, application layer, etc.
▪ Integrated interface:CAN BUS (Power train system, Energy management system, AAC, EPS, EPB, Vehicle Information monitor system)

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