Vehicular Collision Avoidance Warning System


With Linux operating system into embedded circuit board. The positioning unit is used to provide the position and heading information from GPS module; furthermore, the vehicular unit is used to receive the break, throttle, and other signals via Controller Area Network (CAN) interface which connected to each mechanism. From the position data and vehicular information, the VCAWS provided a conflict detection algorithm to do time separation and remote warning with error bubble consideration. The proposed system is carried out and verified with theoretical application, hardware integration and schematized tests in several kinds of scenarios, moreover, the warning information is also on-line displayed and used as a driving map in the screen. This system is able to enhance driver assistance service and realize critical safety by using vehicular information from the neighbor vehicles.


▪ Vehicle Communication protocol design (IEEE 802.11p、IEEE 1609、DSRC/WAVE).
▪ Vehicle Communication analysis.
▪ Vehicular positioning design in safe degrade application.
▪ Embedded platform design.
▪ Vehicular signals acquisition and sub-system integration in circuit design.
▪ Collision avoidance algorithm design.


▪ Frequency band in 5.8~5.9 GHz
▪ Enough to cover within a radius of 300 m area
▪ Latency about 50 ms in timeless ability

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