Distributive Lighting System for Vehicular Headlamp, DLS


LED headlamp becomes more and more popular because of the characters of economized energy, safety, and longer useful time. However, the bottleneck of developing LED headlamp is the thermal effect. The advantages of DLS solution are more convenient to design headlamp model and easy to vary different light patterns. Moreover, it improves the thermal effect significantly when the light source is LED.


▪ Light source coupling system
▪ Light pattern creating module


  • LED:

    ▪ Output power:20W
    ▪ Output lumen:610 lm
    ▪ Drive current:700mA~1000mA

  • Aspheric lens:

    ▪ Aperture:50mm
    ▪ Refractive rate:1.5028
    ▪ Focal length:20mm

  • Light-guide:

    ▪ Aperture:10mm
    ▪ Length:1000mm

  • Projecting-aperture:

    ▪ 18mm×18mm

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