Image Type Adaptive Front-lighting System, iAFS


This system adopts an image sensor to detect the line of roadway in front of the vehicle, recognizes the lane line to estimate the curve and the vanishing point so as to adjust vertical and level swiveling of the headlamp respectively. The system is useful for a curve of roads to light immediately and enhances the driving safety at night effectively. Moreover, it avoids the light disturbing the incoming vehicle.


▪ Bending Light Control Algorithm with Vision-Based System
▪ Auto-level Adjust Algorithm with Vision-Based System
▪ Design for Hardware Module


▪ Curve radius above:>250 m
▪ Detect lane width:3m~4m
▪ Detected distance range:30m~50m.
▪ Range of swivel:0°~15°
▪ Adjusted precision at 0.1° of headlight level direction

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