Electric Automatic Air-Conditioning System, EAAC


This technology adopts the high-efficiency heat pump system structure to provide the electric vehicle with sufficient cooling/heating ability. We developed an intelligent energy-saving thermostat controller to adjust the system operating status depending on the various variables which could reduce the system power consumption. The heat pump system and the intelligent controller could provide the stable air-conditioning effect and low power consumption for the electric vehicle under different operating conditions. Therefore, this technology could extend the mileage and the applicability of electric vehicles.


▪ Intelligent energy-saving thermostat control algorithm: the controller was developed based on the thermal load estimator. The controller could provide adequate air-condition performance by adjusting the working status of the system components and low power consumption.
▪ Heat pump system structure and specification design: the system components specifications could be deigned according to the vehicle structure and desired operating conditions.


▪ Vehicle air-conditioning system thermal load estimator and thermostat controller(|ΔT|<±2℃)
▪ Heat pump air-conditioning system performance specification:workable ambient temperature 0~40℃, cooling ability 5kW, heating ability:4kW
▪ Heat pump air-conditioning system operating specification: Operating voltage:288~400V, operating current < 20A

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