R&D Introduction

R&D Introduction

Research and Development - Concentrating on Innovation Research and Leading a New Era

ARTC persists the principles of sustainable development and value creation in advanced vehicle research. We make the effort of innovation and development to achieve the following:

.Improve the vehicle safety;
.Enhance the effects of environmental protection and energy saving
.Make more convenient and comfortable of automotive industry.
.Assist the advanced development of automotive industry.

ARTC is working in response to research trends of vehicle safety, environment protection, intelligence and electronic applications, and to demands of variety challenges of automotive industry. Based on the ability of automotive research and testing, the high quality R&D team, and integrating the advantages of Taiwan electronic with IT industry, we devote to develop the key and progressive technology, advanced system models and innovative service applications which have long-term benefit to the industry.

ARTC takes the mechatronics control, lighting, image recognition and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. These include safety enhancement systems, e.g. image type adaptive front-lighting system(IAFS), blind-spot detection and door opening warning system (BDS), lane departure warning system(LDW), lane keeping system(LKS), driver surveillance system(DSS), and forward collision warning system(FCW); driving convenient systems, e.g. fingerprint recognition keyless system(FRKS), parking assistance system(PAS), automatic parking guidance system(APGS); energy saving systems, e.g. LED headlamp; and intelligent chassis systems such as electric parking brake system(EPB) and electric power steering system(EPS). Moreover, we also are taking part actively in the issues of energy saving and environmental changes such as developing electric vehicles and green systems and the study of improving efficiency and convenience and reducing traffic accidents by means of electrics and communication technologies.

ARTC drives many cooperative projects by integrating R&D alliance and cooperation of industries, academics, and research institutions. Besides, ARTC also cooperates with international excellent research institutions to execute the R&D activities by merging professional specialties, manpower, and equipments. The developments and results of projects are helpful obviously. Moreover, the international experts and consultants were also invited to Taiwan tp exchange the valuable opinions and industrial experience with domestic engineers by making presentations and giving technical supports during each R&D stage. ARTC holds and attends numerous seminars, exhibition, and international conferences each year to publicize the breakthroughs. The research achievements are realized by sharing the studies results with industries to encourage and to rich the development environments. Therefore, the innovation technologies and patens of intellectual property are authorized and transferred to vehicle industries over the years. This has led to great accomplishments that have made Taiwan`s automotive products more attractive to makers and consumers in worldwide markets.

ARTC research and development group has successfully completed an SEI SCAMPI-Class A Appraisal and satisfied the goal requirements to achieve a rating of CMMI-DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 3 on 2013 and 2016. With a full range of laboratories and testing capabilities, ARTC could complete the research and development platform.

ISO26262 has become an international standard aimed specifically at assuring the Automotive Electric/Electronic Systems. Therefore ARTC devotes three hundred days of efforts to receive ISO26262 functional safety standard certification. With this certification, ARTC not only transfer various technologies to industry, also offer product certification services to accelerate technology commercialization process that meet the automobile manufacturer’s functional safety requirement, and quickly enter the supply chain.

ARTC will continue to work with expectation of `creating new value in motor vehicles`, and to develop the improved technologies and research strategies. In the near future we hope to develop even more outstanding and more value-added products for leading in Taiwan, trending in Asia, and looking for world. We believe that ARTC will play a critical role to enhance the harmony and tolerance between human, vehicles and environment; and ARTC will create the completely new future for the automotive field.

「Innovation Vehicle for Driving Future」