Automotive Noise Testing

Vehicle Hemi-anechoic Chamber:Background noise≦20 dB(A), consists of a vehicle chassis dynamometer(150kw) and a motorcycle chassis dynamometer(50kw). Provide technical service for full-vehicle NVH iss

Engine Hemi-anechoic Chamber:Background noise≦20 dB(A), an engine dynamometer(100kw) installed. Provide power-train NVH testing include wide range engines, motor, and accessory components.

Component Anechoic Chamber:Background noise≦20 dB(A), Provide component noise testing such as UNECE R28 (Audible warning device),SAE J994 (horn), ISO 3745 (sound power),…etc.

Pass-By Noise Testing:The noise test track conform with ISO10844 standard. Support for full vehicle noise regulation test, include CNS 5799、UNECE R51(vehicle)、UECE R41(motorcycle) and UNECE R117(tyre)

Sound Filed Simulation technique:Based on LMS VL advanced acoustic module, capible to simulate the interior sound field such as cabin noise, muffler transmission loss, and exterior radiation noise fro

Vehicle NVH Test/Consultant service:Advanced test-plate(LMS Test.Lab and B&K Pulse system), consistent with Inter-national vehicle manufacturers, support NVH study during vehicle development.

Motorcycle Noise Source Identification:B&K NS-STSF system can identify noise source quickly by 100-channels microphone array.

Structure Modal Testing:Modal testing is capible to determine structure frequency response and resonance frequency. Support for correlation with CAE model.

Component Squeak & Rattle Testing:With silent shaker, provide the Squeak & Rattle Test for automotive electronic products under required vibrating condition.

Sound Power Measurement:Anechoic chamber and ISO standard table support to ISO 3745 Sound Power and ISO 7779 Sound Pressure Measurement.

Tire Noise Measurement:Tire Load machine and chassis dynamometer apply to tire noise study and standard test such as JASO 606。

Normal Incidence Sound Absorption Coefficient Measurement:Conform with ASTM E1050-98(2006), the standard of Normal Incidence Sound Absorption.