Automotive Noise Testing


Automotive Noise Testing Laboratory is dedicated for noise regulation test and NVH quality improvement. We have broad capabilities in noise/vibration measurements, provide technical service either in accordance with international test standards, or by customized procedures. For NVH quality improvement, we have plentily experiences in root-cause and modification study. Besides, we can develop customised instruments to help customers setup their own R&D capabilities and get over with product optimazion.


  • Vehicle semi-anechoic chamber

    Background noise: < 20dB(A)
    Cutoff frequency: 125Hz
    Volume: 12m(L) × 7m(W) × 5m(H)
    Motorcycle chassis dynamometer:
    Absorption power(50kW)
    Chassis dynamometer:
    Absorption power(150kW)

  • Engine semi-anechoic chamber

    Background noise: < 20dB(A)
    Cutoff frequency: 125Hz
    Volume: 6m(L) × 7m(W) × 5m(H)

  • Component anechoic chamber

    Background noise: < 20dB(A)
    Cutoff frequency: 125Hz
    Volume: 6m(L) × 8m(W) × 5m(H)

  • NVH measurement & analysis capability(B & K)

    Pulse 3560C(106 Channels)
    Pulse 3560B(5+1 Channels)x2
    Desktop: Pulse V10.2

  • NVH measurement & analysis capability(LMS)

    SCADA III x 3(52/28/32 Channels)
    Desktop: Test-Lab 9A & Virtual-Lab 8B

  • Sound quality analysis facility(Head & torso simulator)

    Head & Torso x 2 : B & k 4100/4128
    B&K Sound Quality Type 7698 Software


  • Products NVH system/ sub-system/ component level definition

    NVH benchmarking
    Quantification Target definition

  • Products NVH validation, troubleshooting, and refinement Structural/ Acoustic modal testing

    Noise level/ Sound source positioning/ Buzz, squeak and rattle diagnosis/ Vibration problem diagnosis
    Vibration and noise transfer paths analysis
    Vibration/ acoustic simulation and verification with FEM/ BEM
    Normal incidence sound absorption coefficient measurement
    Sound-insulation materials/ mufflers transmission loss and noise reduction measurement
    Products sound quality tuning and develop

  • Products NVH regulation/ standard examination

    CNS5799 regulation vehicle pass-by noise examination
    UNECE R117 standard tire coast-by noise testing
    UNECE/ ISO regulation vehicle pass-by noise examination
    ISO/ JASO standard single tire noise measurement
    Buzz, Squeak and Rattle measurement
    Large and small scale panel Squeak and Rattle noise measurement
    NVH test module/ equipment customization
    Other NVH standard testing

  • NVH technique training and guidance

    NVH fundamental theory/ testing training
    Experimental modal analysis

Certification & Accreditation

▪ TAF(Accreditation Number:0892)
▪ Taiwan EPA


▪ EPA:CNS 5799、R51-03
▪ MOTC:MOTC-Vehicle Safety Testing Directions 80、21-1、FMVSS 141
▪ UN ECE: R9、R28、R41、R51、R63、R117、R138
▪ C.F.R PART 205
▪ SAE J994
▪ Others(97/24/EC)

Integrated Services

▪ Environmental Testing Lab.
▪ CAE Center
▪ Proving Ground

Future Development

▪ Vibro-Acoustic diagnostic technology
▪ NVH_CAE simulation & design vertification technology
▪ Electronic acoustic

Contact Us

Hubert, Chao-Chin Huang(ext.3311)