Emission & Fuel Economy Testing


Since 1993, to follow the government policy of pollution control to vehicle, Emission & Fuel Economy Testing Lab. (EE labs) had built up the capability and carried out fuel consumption, emission test and propulsion verification, upon the well-controlled laboratory environment. Among those measurements, we are capable to adapt all methods which not only national regulation but also the major ruling standards of the world, such as Europe, United States and Japan. EE labs have been becoming the one of a kind laboratory, full functions and being able to deal with all kinds of vehicle, in the nation. Till now, the laboratory has been certificated by Administrations, TUV-Nord and US EPA on either full or partial terms.


  • Chassis dynamometer

    Four wheel drive dynamometer
    Light duty vehicle dynamometer
    Motorcycle dynamometer

  • Engine dynamometer

    HDD engine dynamometer
    MDD engine dynamometer

  • Gas analyzer

    CO analyzer:NDIR
    CO2 analyzer:NDIRNOx analyzer:CLD
    CH4 analyzer:FID+GC
    THC analyzer:FID and H.FID

  • Particle number measure-Condensation Particle Counter
  • Smoke meter(Opacity & Light Absorption coefficient)
  • Temperature measurement equipment for thermal-insulation protection device
  • Control volume sampling system
  • Idle gas analyzer
  • Portable Emission Measurement System


The emission and fuel economy of light-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles and motorbike, RDE test for light-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles, vehicle speedometer test, the thermal-insulation protection device of exhaust system for motorcycle, smoke, test, for, diesel, engine, vehicle Environmental, Protection Administration. Energy Bureau of MOEA,VSCC,TAF,TUV-NORD, US EPA.

Certification & Accreditation

Environmental Protection Administration
Energy Bureau of MOEA


  • Environmental Protection Administration

    Gasoline Vehicle Exhaust Emission Testing Methods and Procedures
    Diesel Motor Vehicles Exhaust Emission Testing Methods and Procedures
    Smoke Opacity Testing Methods and Procedures of Diesel Vehicles
    Testing method and procedure for motorcycle exhaust emissions

  • Test method and procedures sepcified by Fuel Economy Standards and Regulations on Vehicle Inspection and Administration
  • CNS 11644、CNS11645、CNS 11386、CNS 3105、CNS15819
  • US CFR 40 PART 86 Subpart B, Subpart F, Subpart N
  • EUROPEAN 134/2014/EC, 2005/55/EC, 1999/100/EC, 692/2008/EC、UNECE R40, UNECE R47, UNECE R83, UNECE R101
  • Vehicle Safety Type Approval Management Regulations 120、221

Future Development

For the coming energy crisis, we make efforts in alternative fuel; certification and development of electric vehicle; assisting government to make environment correlated law about vehicle.

Contact Us

Full Vechile: Linden Wu (ext.2522)chan@artc.org.tw
Engine: Rand Chen (ext.2217) randy@artc.org.tw