CAE Center


CAE center dedicated to assist our customers to evaluate all kinds of vehicle field products performance which include structural strength, fatigue and durability, vibration, impact, thermal reduction and electromagnetic compatibility by using CAE techniques, and with these years of sufficient experiences have had on full or component level CAE analysis and test correlation, ARTC CAE provide services for manufacturers on product verification, trouble shooting, design change modifications, customized CAE training courses and transfer of technology based on the operational demands of our clients.


  • Structural and mechanical analysis software:

    LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, ANSYS, HyperWorks\Optistruct, Radioss, Motion

  • CFD software:

    ANSYS\Fluent, SC\TETRA, FloTherm

  • Pre-post software:

    HyperWorks\HyperMesh, LS\PrePost, Oasys\primer, MSC\Patran

  • Professional analysis software:


  • Optimization design software:

    HyperWorks\Optistruct, HyperStudy

  • CAD software:

    AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro\Engineer


  • Vehicle Safety

    ▪ Full vehicle impact analysis
    ▪ Car body or component crush analysis
    ▪ Occupant protection analysis
    ▪ Bus rollover analysis
    ▪ Structural stiffness and stress analysis
    ▪ Component impact/drop analysis

  • Vehicle Durability

    ▪ Body structure or component normal mode analysis
    ▪ Chassis structure fatigue and durability analysis
    ▪ Component fatigue and durability analysis

  • Vehicle Comfort

    ▪ Body structure or component normal mode analysis
    ▪ Vehicle system or component frequency response analysis

  • Vehicle thermal and flow-field performance

    ▪ Lamp heat sink design and analysis
    ▪ Component thermal analysis
    ▪ Vehicle styling and air condition CFD analysis

  • Vehicle dynamics analysis technique
  • Electromagnetic compatibility analysis technique
  • Structure optimization design technique

Certification & Accreditation

Ministry of Transportation and Communications 


MOTC-Vehicle Safety Testing Directions 55, 77, 78

Integrated Services

▪ Crash Testing Lab.
▪ Safety Testing Lab.
▪ Fatigue and Durability Lab.
▪ Proving Ground
▪ Automotive Noise Testing Lab.
▪ Environmental Testing Lab.
▪ Component Testing Lab.
▪ Electromagnetic compatibility Lab.

Future Development

Reliability CAE Analysis for Automotive Electronics Device、Virtual Verification Technologies for Smart Vehicles

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Ching-Ping Mao (ext.3310)