Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing


ARTC's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Laboratory was founded in 2003 and was recognized by A2LA and OEM GM, Ford, FIAT Chrysler(FCA), Jaguar & Land Rover(JLR) and Harley-Davidson. Along with the completion of whole vehicle anechoic chamber in the end of 2012, our technical service has been expanded to ICE (internal combustion engine) & electric bus and cars tests. ARTC EMC testing lab has become the leading automotive EMC service provider in Asia.


  • A1,A2, A3 & A4 anechoic chamber

    For EMC tests of whole vehicles, such as ICE & electric buses, cars and motorcycles
    For radiated emission and radiated immunity tests of automotive components
    For EMC tests of EV/HEV powertrain systems

  • R1 reverberation chamber

    For radiated immunity tests of vehicles and components - reverberation chamber method

  • S1, S2, S3 shielding room & T1, T2 transient room

    For conducted emission, conducted immunity, conducted transient (100A DUT current allowed) and ESD testing of automotive components

    For conducted emission and conducted immunity tests of vehicle & component in configuration "REESS charging mode

  • Debug working area

    Equipped with PCB scan analyzer, near field measurement system, broadband/RF circuit simulator and debug devices

  • Monitering systems

    Equipped with fiber optical system, auto recording system, LINBUS, CANBUS, other BUS systems, audio & video analyzer and telematics simulation & monitoring systems

  • Vehicle level EMC turntable with integrated chassis dynamometer

    ▪ Turntable:11m diameter
    ▪ Load:11T/axle, 40T/total
    ▪ 4WD independent dynamometer, 100kW/wheel, can simulate the ABS/TCS…
    ▪ Wheel Base: 1.8m-6.5m adjustable
    ▪ Test speed:200km/h max

  • EMC analysis software


  • 3D antenna pattern measurement system for vehicle

    5m turntable, 5m antenna measurement distance.


  • EMC tests of automotive components:

    Including conducted emission, radiated emission, ALSE (free field) immunity, TEM Cell immunity, BCI (bulk current injection) immunity, stripline immunity, direct RF power injection immunity, magnetic field immunity, extended audio frequency immunity, conducted transient emission / immunity (100A DUT current allowed), ESD (electrostatic discharge) testing, EMC testing for EV/HEV powertrain system and rechargeable energy storage system(REESS), and etc.

  • EMC tests of whole vehicles:

    Including radiated emission, radiated immunity, ESD (electrostatic discharge) testing, low-frequency emission and charging mode EMC testing EV, and etc.

  • EMC design improving of automotive components:

    Equipped with PCB scan analyzer, near field measurement system, broadband / RF circuit simulator and debug devices

  • Automotive EMC integrated projects:

    Including product co-design with customers, test plan writing, technical transferring and training, and EMC design, testing & debug integrated projects

  • Automotive EMI CAE Analysis:

    Vehicle CAE Analysis、PCB EMI CAE Analysis

    Certification & Accreditation

  • For whole vehicles:

    MOTC, IDIADA, A2LA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, UTAC, Jaguar & Land Rover

  • For automotive components:

    TAF(Accreditation Number:1310), A2LA, TÜV, TÜV、IDIADA、UTAC、GM、Ford、Stellantis、Jaguar & Land Rover、Harley-Davidson


  • Standards and Regulations:

    Taiwan's Vehicle Safety Testing Directions No.56-0, 56-1, 56-2 and 56-3, UNECE R10,72/245/EEC(2009/19/EC), 97/24/ec ch.8, ISO/CISPR, CNS, GB, SAE , JASO, and etc.

  • OEMs’ Specifications:

    ▪ US: GM, Ford, FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, Fisker, Harley-Davidson and etc.
    ▪ Europe: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, PORSCHE, and Jaguar Land Rover etc.
    ▪ Others: HAITEC, Guangzhou Automobile, HYUNDAI, and etc.

Integrated Services

▪ Environmental Testing Laboratory
▪ CAE Center

Future Development

▪ EV EMC testing is under development
▪ EMC CAE analysis technique

Contact Us

Teng-Yi Tsou: fb40g@artc.org.tw

Wen-Rong Wu(Zon Wu): zonwu@artc.org.tw

Miao-An(Kryan) Chang: kryan1018@artc.org.tw