Vehicle Specification Testing


The main purpose of the Vehicle Specification Testing Lab, is to ensure the specifications of vehicle are correspondent with the mandated regulations and rules. Our laboratory have established various vehicle safety testing technologies, Vehicle specification inspection, Weight measuring, Audible warning device test, Vehicle tilt stability and so on.


  • Scale:

    Large-scale Load cell: Maximum capacity 40 ton/set
    Small-scale Load cell: Maximum capacity 8 ton/set

  • Laser Rangefinder: 0.5m~22m


  • 3-D H machine


  • Sound Meter:

    40 dB(A)~115dB(A)
    Sensitivity: 0.1dB(A)

  • Vechicle Tilt Machine:

    Maximum Tilt Angle: 38°
    Maximum Load: 20 ton
    Maximum Height of Vehicle: 4.5 m

  • Break Forces Distribution Test Equipment:

    ▪ Large-Static Brake Force
    Maximum Load :10,000kg
    Maximum Brake Force: 3,000kg
    ▪ Small-Static Brake Force
    Maximum Load: 4,000kg
    Maximum Brake Force: 1,000kg


Vehicle specification inspection
Weight Measuring
The height of R point of driver seat
Audible warning device test
Vehicle tilt stability test

Certification & Accreditation



▪ MOTC-Vehicle Safety Testing Directions 02, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09,11, 23, 24, 54, 63, 67, 71, 75, 77, 78, 87
UNECE R28 (Non-regulatory testing)
FMVSS 101, FMVSS 108, FMVSS 111

Integrated Services

Safety Testing Lab.

Future Development

▪ Providing the solutions for vehicle specification design.

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