Fatigue and Durability

Road Simulation Test of Full Vehicle: To verify the fatigue strength of full vehicle structure.

Durability test of Exhaust Pipe: To verify the fatigue strength of exhaust welded joint.

Impact Test of Rear Mirror : To verify the impact quality of rear mirror.

Temperature and humidity compound horizontal slide: Combining high / low temperature and humidity to verify vibration durability of vehicle component.

Static strength Test of Luggage Racks : According the Vehicle Safety Testing Directions to test the luggage racks.

Vibration Test of Seat : To verify the durability quality of seats frame.

Durability Test of Shock Absorber: To verify the durability of shock absorber.

Compression Test of Steering Wheel : To verify the compression characteristic (force-deformation curve) of steering wheel.

Durability Test of Suspension Control Arm: To verify the fatigue strength of control arm.