Fatigue and Durability


Fatigue and Durability Lab, was established in 1996, dedicated to structural strength test, durability test by using server hydraulic actuators. This Laboratory has a broad capability for strength and durability test of automotive components and full vehicles, and with this years of sufficient experiences have had on full or component level durability test. The Laboratory can provide services for manufacturers on product verification and design change modifications.


  • INSTRON 8502 Fatigue test machine

    Max. load:250kN
    Max. stroke:+/- 75mm

  • INSTRON 4505 Material test machine

    Max. load:100kN
    Max. stroke:1,000mm
    Speed range:0.01~1,000mm/min

  • Server hydraulic actuators

    Max. load: 150kN 1 pieces, 100kN 2 pieces, 50kN 11 pieces, 35kN 2 pieces,15kN 2 pieces.
    Stroke:+/- 125mm
    Frequency :Below 100 Hz

  • Mirror impact test machinc/bending test machine

    for ECE/EC

  • Road simulator

    Max. load:35kN
    Controller Channel: 4 Channels
    Simulation software: RS SpiDar

  • Fatigue durability test machice of vehicle structure

    Controller:MTS Flextest 100
    Controller Software:MTS MPT and AeroPro
    Controller Channel:10 channels
    Max. Load:150kN
    Data Acquisition Channel: 144 Channels

  • Temp. / Hum. / Durability Combine Chamber

    Temp. / Hum. / Durability Combine Chamber
    Max. load:50kN.
    Stroke:+/- 125mm
    Temperature Range:-40℃ ~ 150 ℃
    Humidity Range:20%RH ~ 90% RH


▪ Tensil test of metal specimen.
▪ Strength test of steeling whee, automotive bumper, coupling devices, luggage racks for small vehicles and door latches and retention component.
▪ Impact test of plastic fuel tank and rear mirror.
▪ Automotive tachograph test.
▪ Vibration test of brake caliper, booster and seat.
▪ Durability test of control arm, cross-member(subframe), exhaust pipe, seat frame.
▪ Performance and durability test of suspension spring(ciol spring, leaf spring, airspring), shock absorber and rubber bush.
▪ Endurance test of switch and Connector engagement/disengagement force test.
▪ Strength test of motorcycle passger hand-holds, Stability and durability test of motorcycle stand.
▪ Roll-over Protective Structure(ROPS) strength test of light quadri-mobile
▪ Road simulation test of full vehicle(Passenger car, ATV, Buggy and Motorcycle etc.).
▪ Static and durability test of Aircraft Seat.
▪ Statics and durability test of airplane wing component, wind turbine blades.
▪ Statics test of railway vehicle body structure and rail Fastener.

Certification & Accreditation

▪ TAF(Accreditation Number:1189)


▪ MOTC-Vehicle Safety Testing Directions-10, 13, 14,16,17,18,27,51
▪ UNECE R46, CNS 13762, CNS 2111
▪ OEMs' Specifications:GM、Ford、Chrysler, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HAITEC etc.

Integrated Services

▪ Environmental Testing Lab.
▪ CAE Center
▪ Automotive Noise Testing Lab.
▪ Vehicle Performance Testing Lab.

Future Development

▪ 6 DOF Multi-axial simulation table (MAST)

Contact Us

Wei-Lung Chang(ext.2332) wlchang@artc.org.tw