Vehicle Performance Testing


After opening officially in July 2002, ARTC Proving Ground provides safe and professional technical services with the related subjective/objective assessment technologies of the established brake, steering, suspension, engine systems , as well as the technologies of the durability verification for whole vehicle. ARTC Proving Ground could assist the industry in test analysis and verification for specific systems in accordance with the each stages of the vehicle development process.
To be in coordinate with the rapid development of green energy and smart vehicle technology in the global vehicle industry, we also provide customized verification services for dynamic performance of electric vehicles, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS, such as automatic emergency braking(AEB), blind spot detection(BSD), lane keeping assistance(LKA), etc.) and automated driving systems(ADS).



  • Data logger/Recoder

    Record Frequency: 2,000 Hz
    Analog Signal : ±10V
    Digital Signal : 100kHz
    CAN-Bus Channel : 2.0B

  • GPS speed sensor

    Speed Range: 0.1~1600km/h
    Update rate: 100 Hz
    Accuracy: 0.1 Km/h

  • Steering force/ Angle transducer

    Rated: 0~100 N‧m
    Rated output: ±3 turns、±6 turns

  • Gyroscope

    Range: Roll ± 180°, Pitch ± 90°
    Scale Factor Accuracy: < 1%
    Output: Roll, Pitch, Yaw ± 100 (°/sec)

  • Brake Force Measure

    Range: 500、1,500、1,000N、±50、±200 kN

  • Acceleration meter

    Range: ±2~500g
    Sensitivity: 0.5 mV/g

  • Pressure meter

    Range: 100、300 psi,10 bar
    Linearity: ±0.5%

  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) test equipment

    1.Steering control Rated torque: 60 N-m
    Rated angle velocity: 1,500 deg/s
    Angle resolution: 0.00075 deg)

    2.Accelerate pedal control device
    Max. throttle force: 200 N
    Max. throttle velocity: 750 mm/s (No load)
    Max. throttle stroke: 125 mm)

    3.Braking pedal control device Max. brake force): 550 N
    Max. brake velocity): 1,200 mm/s (No load)
    Max. brake stroke): 174 mm)

    4.RTK DGPS:Real Time Kinematic Differential Global
    Positioning System
    Sampling rate: 100/250 kHz
    Max. application velocity: 1,850 km/h)

    5.Soft target: EVT( Euro-NCAP Vehicle Target
    According to the Euro-NCAP AEB test protocol
    Real-vehicle reflective characteristic
    Max. towing velocity: 80 km/h

    6.Euro-NCAP Adult Pedestrian Target : EPTa & Euro-NCAP Child Pedestrian Target : EPTc
    Euro-NCAP AEB VRU(According to the Euro-NCAP AEB VRU test protocol)
    Real-human reflective characteristic
    Max. towing velocity): 10 km/h
    Articulation Dummy


    ▪ Vehicle Power performance, braking, handing safety, ride and drivability, as well as durability and failure-mode analysis testing that including electric one.
    ▪ Vehicle subject assessment, testing preparation, and related analysis technology.
    ▪ Vehicle Safety Testing of Speedometer、Dynamic Braking、Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 、 Tire Pressure Monitoring System etc. declared by the Ministry of Transportations and Communications (MOTC)

    Certification & Accreditation

    ▪ MOTC (R.O.C)
    ▪ TÜV SÜD


    ▪ Vehicle Safety Testing Direction No.220、221、422、423、424、431、432、470、680、700、720、760、840、850 etc. declared by the Ministry of Transportations and Communications(MOTC) .
    ▪ Braking: CNS D3015, D3030, D3114, D3198
    UNECE R13H, R13, R78
    SAE J843, J299 / GTR No.3
    ▪ ABS: CNS D2201 / UNECE R13H, R13, R78 / GTR No.3
    ▪ Acceleration: CNS D1074-4, D3016, D3031, D3027-3
    ▪ Coast down: CNS D3017 / UNECE R83
    ▪ Climbing: CNS D1074-5, D3019, D3034, D3027-1
    ▪ Steering: CNS D3119, D3120 / UNECE R79
    ▪ Handling: CNS D3131 / ISO 3888, 4138
    ▪ Ride: ISO 2631-1
    ▪ Maximum Speed: CNS D3018, D3039 / ISO 7117
    ▪ Speedometer Calibration: UNECE R39
    ▪ Other standards or Custom test procedures.

    Integrated Services

    ▪ Environmental Testing Lab.
    ▪ Fatigue and Durability Lab.
    ▪ CAE Center.
    ▪ Crash Testing Lab.

    Future Development

    ▪ To construct the technology platforms of the vehicle performance evaluation and verification for: the green energy/electric vehicles.
    ▪ ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) research and validate test.

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    Dragon Lon (ext.2405)